I found some shoes drying on the edge of The Living Room’s breathtaking rooftop garden. Johannesburg City has never looked so magnificent. 

And the Baked Apple Whiskey tipple wasn’t half bad either. 

One of my favourite snaps from the summer holidays - moths swarm around a lightbulb in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. 

Bird’s Eye View.

Taken in Sun City at Valley of the Waves.

Swimming in the coldest and most beautiful waterfall in Thailand. 

Black and white photographs snapped up in Namibia during the hot summer season. A place of long, straight roads that chase the horizon, abandoned cars littering the desert, decayed by heat and the most extraordinarily moving landscapes.

And space. 

So. Much. Space.

This is the most amazing bush dinner. In the middle of nowhere, looking up to the mountain with Elias the most magnificent Malawian chef. He spoilt us with a prawn laden dinner, salmon starters and creamy pavlova pudding.

A weekend away in the Magaliesberg with my (not so) little sister. 

Rolling mountains, arresting bushveld blossoms, storms thrashing about in the distance and fabulous food at Phefumula luxury self-catering cottages.

Take me back! 


This portion of Hemingway’s advice on how to be a good writer applies just as easily to being a good human.

I don’t often reblog stuff, but I’ve learnt a f#@k-ton about writing this year. 

Observation is everything and yourperspective sets you apart. 

Your opinion matters if you train it correctly. 

"… always think of other people"

That beautiful moment just before one of Johannesburg’s epic afternoon thunderstorms.