A weekend away in the Magaliesberg with my (not so) little sister. 

Rolling mountains, arresting bushveld blossoms, storms thrashing about in the distance and fabulous food at Phefumula luxury self-catering cottages.

Take me back! 

Trampling through the Cape Town coast. From town through to Kalk Bay and Simonstown.

Nothing like a good ol’ train.

I recently found out that I could be heading back to Nieu Bethesda and Graaff Reinet for a brief stint as part of the epic cross country road trip my family and I are to embark upon come Christmas time.

Couldn’t be more thrilled. 

Nounouche - The Sideshow made a grand appearance at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in June/July 2012. The gang of ‘freaks’ and frolickers made surprise appearances across town as a troupe of happiness inviting anybody and everybody to join in their escapades.

The troupe was created by Fred Koenig, Toni Morkel and Nadine Hutton
with Roberto Pombo, Ibrahim Medell and Mmakgosi Kgabi, with more than enough laughter and fun to spare. 

In 2009, Raphaela Linders set off for Switzerland to visit her family and work for 6 months as an assistant teacher. During her time there, I visited her where we took a number of photo booth pictures to commemorate our time together. 

Dennie Davids holds up a crop of eggs among the hens farmed as part of the Phoenix Project in Nieu Bethesda, South Africa on April 29, 2012. The hens produce a collective amount of approximately 250 eggs per day which are then sold in the town.

N2 Roadtrip, from Grahamstown to Oudtshoorn 2012

These were all taken in Vermaaklikheid, the tiniest and littlest village in South Africa, and I’m used to tiny villages having chosen to spend my life studying in one.

The novelty of the place is of course its size and remote location folded into the mountains that line the South African coast as you edge closer and closer to Cape Town. There is nothing more exceptional than taking a favourite holiday with fine company and having the time to spare for a good book and exceptional conversation.

I miss the holidays. 

The Valley of Desolation, Graaf Reniet, 2012

Simplicity is camping and goodness and sun deliciousness. I had forgotten how easy and wonderful it is to go back to the basics and remember what really matters. Just a short stint in Port Elizabeth worsened my desire for holiday horseplay and provided grave insight into the lives of other leisure makers. The monkeys provide endless entertainment and are the subject of eternal banter, especially when they being pursued and tormented by an elderly man in the brightest of red running shorts clad with his katty and packet of stones. Some monkeys are pbviously more welcome than others.

In order to dispel any rising sentiments of poor outlook and hard done by situations, I need simply pack up and go. Camping is probably the easiest thing in the world to do.

Weather providing.